Industry Diesel - Testing

Electronic Injectors

Industry Diesel & Turbo has over 3000 new and reman diesel injectors in stock. All of our injectors are rebuilt with the latest OEM specs, using the most up to date equipment available. Every injector that we rebuild is completely dismantled, cleaned and all worn parts are replaced. The injectors are then re-assembled using the most sophisticated measuring tools and finally calibrated to OEM specs. Our fuel injection technicians have had the training to rebuild and test even the most current model of fuel injector.

Industry Diesel & Turbo Service has the equipment to test all makes of diesel and gasoline injectors. We have a large and small testing units for Diesel Turbos and Diesel Injectors. And for all the parts used in the rebuilding process. 

That’s why many of our customers say our rebuilt turbos and injectors “are as good or better” than the original manufacturers. 

In this video, Rob shows you the testing process for a diesel injector using the Mak Test UTS 1004 on a Caterpillar EUI Injector.